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By: PANIC!; March 12, 2023, 09:04 PM; Views: 411
Revised 4/15/23

General Guidelines
G1.) All Server Rules should be followed by Clan Members. Clan members are held at a higher standard than non-members. Clan Members should serve as a role-model for our guests.

G2.) All members are expected to donate to the clan fund whenever possible; otherwise clan assets may be discontinued.

G3.) Clan Members are NOT permitted to make public accusations in the server chat, discord, or website. Members should report any potential hackers to a Server Admin, or report them in the appropriate Discord channel.

G4.) The Clan Officers reserve the right to make changes to the rules without advance notice.

Recruitment Guidelines
R1). The Clan Officers & Server Admins will serve as the Recruiting Officers of the clan. Other members are permitted to encourage players to fill out an application.

R2.) New members will be brought in as Recruits and will wear the recruit tag [RCT] throughout their recruitment period.

R3.) The recruitment period will last at least 14 days. This timeline may vary at the discretion of the Clan Officers.

Server Admin Guidelines
S1.) Server Admins serve as a role model to other clan members and will be held to a higher standard.

S2.) Server admins are responsible for policing our servers and ensuring that all players are following the rules.

S3.) The following guidelines should be followed when disciplining a player:
- Disrespecting other players: Warning --> Kick Player --> 1 Day Ban --> Permanent Ban
- Disrespecting Admin: Warning --> Kick Player --> Permanent Ban
- Advertising on server: Warning --> Kick Player --> 1 Day Ban --> Permanent Ban
- Spamming: Kick Player --> 1 Day Ban --> Permanent Ban
- Hacking/Cheating: Permanent Ban
- Refusing to turn in screenshots: Permanent Ban (until screenshots are received and reviewed.)
- Dirty screenshots: Permanent Ban
- Door Blocking: Warning --> Kick Player --> 1 Day Ban --> Permanent Ban
- Intentional Team-Killing: Kick Player --> 1 Day Ban --> Permanent Ban
- Clan Member Accusations: Warning --> Kick Player --> 1 Day Ban --> Permanent Ban

S4.) Server Admins should report any Clan Member breaking the rules to the Clan Officers. Discipline guidelines should only be followed if necessary.

S5.) When a ban appeal is received, the admin that banned the player will have the say-so when it comes to lifting the ban or not. The ban may go to a vote by all the Server Admins based on the situation. A vote by the Clan Officers is a last resort and they will make the final decision.

S6.) Server Admin communications, discussions, and passwords should be kept confidential.

S7.) Server Admin permissions should not be abused. If an admin is abusing their powers without legitimate reasoning, their powers will be revoked.

Match Rules & Guidelines
M1.) During a match, the Match Coordinator or Clan Officer should be the server administrator for the match, and should be the only one communicating with the other team.

M2.) Only the designated Server Admin should use their admin privileges during a match, unless instructed otherwise.

M3.) If a match is in progress and another players wants to join, the player should ask permission before entering the server.

M4.) Players should make every effort not to leave in the middle of a match. Exceptions are made in cases of an emergency, etc.

M5.) It is recommended that all players use Volute, and it is required for all League matches.

M6.) Players should be courteous to the others in the channel, and should avoid distracting other players.

M7.) Players must be on discord while playing a match.