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Hello, I recently had a altercation with BC aka Bravo Ccompany MOHSH Server....

Started by REDNECK (UK), August 17, 2020, 09:43 PM

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REDNECK (UK) united_kingdom

About 6-8 months ago I used to play on BC aka Bravo Company MOHSH Server and we got on very well and I was praised for my use of killing others with grenades especially immediately after I have been killed. I used to be high on the points roster because of this and can only guess this is the reason that around this time, the other members thought it would be funny to disappear all my weapons in-game and have me running around the game weaponless while they laugh about it. As you can guess I immediately left playing on the server as I think that type of bullshit is not only childish but should only be used for those who deserve it, and I didn't.

Approx. a week ago I started playing on their server again and I played as I used to and with almost immediate effect, one of the server Admins, Wingman started berating me and complaining about my gameplay they had all previously praised, BC is an (FF) server and teamkills are likely and you actually get awards should you accidentally get kicked in the night's play, but Wingman banned me from the use of grenades and would purposely teamkill me with impunity. As you can guess I thought they were taking the piss (sarcastically screwing around), so I waited until tonight and complained to the other players.

I told them about all of the above and asked why does a Server Admin get to teamkill me with impunity yet, I cannot use grenades, and they all made excuses and made statements like, "if you are gonna piss off the server admin then you get banned", or, "you should take it up with the admin". You know the one who started fecking with my game in the 1st place, and prevented me from using grenades and was teamkilling me with impunity. Then they acted like they didn't know what I was talking about repetitively and acting like idiots, I accused them of cheating, abusing other player and turning a blind eye at their Server Admin bullying other players just for fun and if they refused to do anything about it, "Well at this point I became more colorful in my response" and told them to, "Get F---ed", and "F--- your server you bunch of bullies".

Just thought you should know as I just want to play the game and not be dic-ed around by unfunny A--h---s, not that I think you would and apart from one other MOHSH server I will play here from now on if that is acceptable?

As stated before, I have a discord server setup for gaming and will now have it on during our gaming if you are interested....

PANIC! united_states

I used to play in the BC a long time ago, but I haven't been there recently. It sucks when admins abuse their powers. Unless players are cheating, there is no need to mess with their gameplay like that.

Hoss is finishing a few things up on our server soon, and hopefully you'll have another place to play.
Слaва Украинi

Goat united_states

Hard to believe someone would go as far as to abuse the power that is given to them  :P

BigHoss united_states

Quote from: OldGoat on August 18, 2020, 05:43 PM
Hard to believe someone would go as far as to abuse the power that is given to them  :P

Unfortunately it happens. Hopefully they learn their lesson.

Skeeter united_states

I get that this can be annoying but sometimes I think admin do this and dont really see it as a big deal. It can be funny. Ive had it done to me also.  If it was constantly done then yeah, that could be a problem but once or twice then just lighten up.   Maybe dont be so sensitive.  With all that being said we welcome you to play here anytime and look forward to it. LIke was said before I think this week alot of folks are busy or out of town.  I can get on(late) but not sure anyone else will join.

REDNECK (UK) united_kingdom

I vasnt being sensitive the admin hadicapped my gameplay through threat of a ban (I'm also hadicapped for real), meanwhile the admin kept teamkilling me